SECKLER modulo – the modular handling system
for complex production processes.

SECKLER deburo – the deburring system
for various parts.

SECKLER deburo magnetfinish – the new
deburring technology for precision parts in highest quality.

SECKLER sortero – the classification system
for various sorting processes.

SECKLER robomation – the standard
robot booth for your part handling.

Seckler paintero – the flexible
paint booth for your valuable items.

This modular handling cell offers individual and fully automated unload/load solutions for your machine tool. 

The classification machine SECKLER sortero guarantees a 100% production security with the most different demands. 

The automated micro sandblasting machine SECKLER sandero is satisfied by the most modern quality demands and raises the economic efficiency of the sandblasting process. 

The deburring system SECKLER deburo cleans precisely all your treatment burrs after manufacturing operations like milling, tricks, loops, honing e.g. 

SECKLER robomation is the flexible standard robot cell in three versions and three sizes which will increase your productivity in manufacturing. 

SECKLER mesuro ist ein vollautomatischer Mess- und Prüfautomat für Ihre Qualitätskontrolle. Es können modernste Mess- und Prüfmethoden integriert werden. 

The magnet finishing procedure is a new form of mechanical treatment for the edges and surfaces of high precision parts. 

The painting robot cell SECKLER paintero meets your modern quality standards and increases the efficiency of your painting processes. 

SECKLER variation is a standard construction kit consisting of a standard cell and various inlet and outlet chain conveyors.